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Port-au-Prince, Haiti (AP) — Gangs in Haiti have turned the country’s capital into a war zone, causing deadly violence and preventing people from leaving their homes. The gangs have taken over entire neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince, terrorizing residents and making it difficult for them to access basic necessities.

The recent surge in violence has also led to a sharp increase in migration, with many Haitians fleeing the country in search of safety and stability. The situation has become so dire that the United Nations has raised concerns about the deteriorating security conditions in Haiti.

Local authorities have struggled to regain control over the situation, with many neighborhoods effectively under the control of armed gangs. The violence has also had a devastating impact on the economy, as businesses are forced to close and residents are unable to work or go to school.

Despite the challenges, many Haitians remain resilient and hopeful for a better future. They are calling on the government to take urgent action to address the escalating violence and bring peace and stability back to their communities. In the meantime, they are left to navigate the dangerous streets of Port-au-Prince, hoping to avoid becoming victims of the ongoing gang warfare.